SlowMeat: Ending Industrial Meats

By June 8, 2015 August 31st, 2015 News
Michael Dimock, President of Roots of Change

Attending the second SlowMeat Symposium in Denver, was a very positive experience for me.

The delegates came from many nations of the world. The sessions were informative, the food very good.

I was most impressed by the growth in participation and the quality of dialogs since last year’s SlowMeat2014. Great momentum is building in the myriad channels of change dedicated to ending industrial meat.

I can see now that in ten years we will not believe how much progress will have been made. I predict that sub-therapeutic use of antibiotics will have ended.

Many more animals will be finished on grass.

Farmers and ranchers will receive salable carbon credits for capturing green house gasses. A soil building campaign will be going on across the nation, and in other countries, returning soils to what they were doing before exploitative agriculture. 

Confinement of animals will be less pervasive and when confined, conditions will be much better. 

Most importantly, the extreme breeding to shorten development will be reversed and taste and resilience of breeds will be the goal.

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