Slow Food Russian River is looking for new leaders


Slow Food Russian River is Calling for New Leaders

If you might be interested in working with us please complete the application. Let’s talk!

About Us

Slow Food Russian River is a non-profit, educational organization working to help create a world in which everyone can enjoy food that is good, clean and fair.  We are a chapter in good standing of Slow Food USA.

To accomplish our mission we plan and execute events and initiatives year-round.   Our regular commitments include support for school gardens, meet-your-farmer events, Honor the Gravenstein apple project, strawberry tasting in early summer, support for 4-H kids who raise heritage turkeys for Thanksgiving, and more.

How We Work

Our Leadership Team takes responsibility for keeping the organization true to the principles, values and goals of Slow Food International and Slow Food USA as well as those in our Constitution.  

As a new leader you will be introduced to working with us on an INTERIM basis for one year so that you become familiar and comfortable with us,  our policies and procedures.   At the end of the interim year we will all have the opportunity to decide if it is a good fit.

Duties of a Leader

1)  Attend monthly meetings on a regular basis, currently the 3rd Monday of each month.
2)  Host one monthly meeting per year in your home.
3)  Lead one monthly meeting per year including preparing the agenda in advance.
4)  Become an active participant in at least one event, committee, and/or project.
5)  Be familiar with Slow Food’s values and mission and be prepared to represent us in the community.
6)  Be open to new ideas and approaches and willing to engage in a meaningful way.
7)  Be inclusive, congenial, respectful, cognizant of your limits and receptive to receiving feedback about your limits.

Rights of a Leader

1)   Have your ideas heard and respected.
2)  Present yourself in the community as a Slow Food Russian River leader.
3)  Attend Terra Madre in Italy and/or national and international Slow Food Congresses.
4)   Have a pleasant and enjoyable experience working with the Leadership Team.

We know that life happens but we are looking for people who can foreseeable commit to being involved for awhile. 

If you think you might want to join us please complete the application.

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