2016 Highlights and a 2017 Preview at the Annual Meeting

By March 7, 2017 Blog
2016 Highlights and a 2017 Preview at 2017 Annual Membership and Community Meeting

At our recent Annual Members and Community Meeting, Slow Food Russian River Leaders presented 2016 Highlights and a 2017 Preview. Thanks goes to Brad Whitworth and Peg Champion for putting the powerpoint together.

[docconversionapi-viewer pdf_width=100% pdf_height=500px]https://api.docconversionapi.com/view/pdf/?file=https://api.docconversionapi.com/api/file/display/479/SFRR_2017_Annual_Meeting_FINAL02?showLogo=true&thumbnails=true&properties=true&navbar=true&skipbtns=true&skippage=true&search=true&zoom=true&psmode=true&rotate=true&download=true&currviewpos=true&enableHandTool=true&webChat=false[/docconversionapi-viewer]

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