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Sebastopol Community Apple Press

Slow Food Russian River operates the Sebastopol Community Apple Press at the Luther Burbank Gold Ridge Experiment Farm in Sebastopol during apple season – from August through October. Use of the press is a free community service.

Directions to the Luther Burbank Gold Ridge Experiment Farm, 7777 Bodega Ave., Sebastopol CA 95472
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The 2016 Apple Season

The press will first open to the public on the weekend of Saturday and Sunday, August 6 and 7, from 9am until 3pm. On the following weekend we will run the press at the Gravenstein Apple Fair at Ragle Ranch Park in Sebastopol, CA, and hand out juice to fairgoers. Get tickets now at

The press will resume operating at the Farm on the weekend of August 20 and 21, from 9 until 3. To reserve time on the press, select a date and an open time slot on the calendar, give your info, agree with the terms and conditions, and send it off. You will receive a confirmation. More detailed instructions. The last day at the press is Saturday, Oct. 29.

At the Farm a Slow Food volunteer familiar with operation of the press will be on site. All you need to bring is your apples (be it from your own trees or bought from one of our local growers) and plastic containers.  (No glass please, to avoid breakage.)  We have a supply of half-gallon containers we make available at our cost of $1.00 a piece.

So we can serve all who want to use the press, please limit your quantity of apples to not more than 100 pounds per visit. A five-gallon bucket holds about 20 pounds of apples, and produces about one gallon of juice. So if you have about 100 pounds, bring containers for about 5 gallons of juice.

One appointment of 10 min. is sufficient for pressing up to 100 lbs of apples. If you need to rinse your apples please come 15 minutes before the time of your appointment.

Children of all ages can participate in pressing apples, but parents are solely responsible for supervising their children. We recommend that young children not use knives for cutting apples.

Health and Safety

We will provide facilities where you can rinse your apples, but the apples you bring should be free of rot. The containers in which you collect your juice should be clean. Hand washing facilities will be available.

The juice you make will not be pasteurized, so it will have a limited shelf life. We recommend you use plastic containers so you can freeze some of your juice and thaw and enjoy it at a later date.

Both conventional and organic apples may be processed in the same press. Conventional apples may have pesticide residues.

You can view the video of the food safety-training program entitled Safer Processing of Juice developed by the California Department of Public Health.

See You at the Sebastopol Community Apple Press

So don’t let any apples go to waste from your (or your neighbor’s) backyard trees this year. Collect and bring them to the Farm and make your own juice.

And if you don’t have access to backyard apples, visit one of the local apple growers (for our list click here), or buy apples from a farmers market or any of the enlightened grocery stores in the county.

Consider an outing to the countryside with friends or family, perhaps to an apple grower who offers U-pick, then make your own special blend of juice with the varieties of your choice.

The last day at the press in 2016 was Saturday, Oct. 29. Thank you to all our volunteers who made it happen and to all you apple lovers who brought your apples to be pressed.