Present [phone meeting]: Max Caruso, Paula Shatkin, Brad Whitworth, Ian McFaul, Hillary Lyons, Karen Preuss, Marissa La Brecque



Farm Trails proposal for Grav Fair (Ian) – We discussed Farm Trails’ proposal of sponsoring a private tent and offering an experience inside but decided timing and budget were off for us and instead counter-proposed a window of time in the booth with a SF experience.


Slow Food Nations: who’s going and how’re we participating (Ian, Max) – TABLED


Cider Week: how are we participating? (Paula) Paula has reached out about how we can participate and is waiting to hear back.


Airbnb Experiences: conflicts of interest?, connections in community?, how to proceed (Ian). The structure of the program pays an individual host and we talked about the implications of having an individual paid within our volunteer org. Ian is going to investigate this matter further. We also discussed the complications of working with the possibly problematic Airbnb in general.


Heritage Dinners (Paula) Paula is going to plan a fall potluck at her home to kick off this (hopefully) series of heritage dinners.


Sun Powered: concept, date etc. (Marissa) TABLING FOR NOW


Leftover beer and wine from EIJ event (Max) TABLED





Mission + Vision Drafts (Marissa) Shared drafts with members to read and consider, will follow up later with a selection process.


Update (Ian + Marissa) Received a big download from former leader Zeno about systems and passwords, etc so we can begin to communicate more fully with members and community.


Website overhaul (Marissa + Ian) TABLED






Food Not Bombs (Hillary) TABLED


Snail of Approval and wineries/cideries check-in (Brad) No new members at this meeting but looking at a lot of new possibilities and creating the system for approving cideries, which will have different requirements than restaurants or retail.


Artisanal American apple brandy – distillers we know? An autumn project? TABLED






Our new governor! (Ian) Congratulated our new SF Bay Area governor, Ian McFaul and talked over any potential conflicts of interest and when Ian should recuse himself form votes.


Larry Martin Donation (Brad) We received a donation from SFRR founding leader Larry Martin with third-party instructions on its specific designation and Max offered to reach out to Larry to hear more about his intention and whether it was in our constitutional mandate to use donated funds in this manner.


Donation to Slow Food East Bay for ongoing EIJ work (Ian) We voted to donate $500 to Slow Food East Bay for their EIJ events and work.


Financial update (Brad): Slow month with no income.


New member call (Marissa): Proposed and voted in favor to create a program to reach out to new members and share what we are up to but mostly to get to know their interests and passions within Slow Food.

NEXT MEETINGS (calendar several)- including when & how to meet new leaders (Marissa) Marissa will begin the process of calendaring our meetings for the rest of the year.