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Jo Ann Gleason

Disco Soup Sonoma, March 20, 2016

I participated in a Disco Soup Event

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A Disco Soup is a gathering of people who cook with produce that is considered waste. The produce consists of perfectly good vegetables, fruit, and bread that grocery stores, farmers markets, and home gardeners can’t sell or use because of spots, bruises, or other cosmetic reasons (crooked or misshapen), or...
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Consider The Pork Liver

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Growing up in Southern California in the 70s, we rarely ate liver. On those occasions when it was on the dinner table, my mom would serve calf liver with onions and bacon. For my siblings and I, the reaction was always the same. Liver? For dinner? Yuck. Unanimous. Every time….

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Valley Ford Wool Mill's sheep

Visit the 2nd Annual Wool Festival in Valley Ford, Sonoma County, May 16 & 17, 2015

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Enjoy this free event to celebrate local farm-to-home wool, featuring fibers, yarns, fleece, bedding, and clothing from local wool. The fiber and related products are all natural or naturally dyed with plants. See local artists spinning, weaving, and felting using wool that is healthy, sustainable, natural, and local. The 2nd Annual Wool Festival in Valley...
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