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By June 12, 2018 September 25th, 2023 Campaign
Capitalism Forum at SFN – Joy and Justice

Charity Kenyon, Board member of Slow Food California writes us about bringing Joy and Justice to the forum on The Impact of Capitalism on Food at Slow Food Nations. Can you make a financial contribution to bring more diversity and change the demographics of who plans, attends, and speaks at our annual Slow Food Nations gathering? Donate here.

Please Donate something – all contributions, however modest, add up.

Ask your friends who believe in the good, clean and fair cause to contribute. The link for donations is here. Questions, contact Charity Kenyon.

Equity, Inclusion and Justice IS good clean and fair food for all in action. Please give as much as you can. Thank you!

NB Locally we’ll develop this theme at our October book group meeting on The New Food Activism, by Alison Alkon and‎ Julie Guthman (eds.).


Joy + Justice – Pitch In for Justice!

Slow Food California is pleased to be the principal supporters of food justice discussions at Slow Food Nations this year. We believe that both joy and justice are required to bend the food system toward good, clean, and fair. Together we can make it happen, but we need you to pitch in.

We’re sponsoring Raj Patel (remember Stuffed and Starved?), who will give a keynote talk about capitalism and unraveling the roots of injustice with Dr. Gail Myers, moderated by Tom Philpott of Mother Jones. And Prof. John Ikerd with Meighan Lovelace, who will talk about eliminating hunger, continuing a conversation from Eco-Farm 2018, moderated by Slow Food California’s Peter Ruddock. We’re participating with a national working group drafting an Equity, Justice, and Inclusion Manifesto. We also support broad participation by members of Turtle Island Slow Food Association.

These food justice efforts are aligned with Slow Food’s global goal to radically renew the organization, making it more open and inclusive and addressing the challenges that await us in the future. Inclusion, necessitates support — that’s clear. If we, the roots of the grassroots movement, pitch in it will happen.

Beyond bending the movement toward justice, you’ll get

• prominent recognition for your support,
• an invitation to a reception with the speakers, supporters and Slow Food USA Board of Directors,
• the satisfaction of knowing you pitched in!

Thank you!

Charity Kenyon,
Co-Chair Food Justice Programming Committee Slow Food Nations 2018

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