Happy What-Do-You-Call-It from the Slow Food Russian River Leaders

By November 28, 2016 Blog
Slow Food Community: Happy What-Do-You-Call-It from the Slow Food Russian River Leaders

Our Slow Food Russian River Leaders meeting the other night reminded me of Lily Tomlin. I saw her live in LA when she was first developing the bag lady character. Remember her?

Laughing and crying in the dark at the same time – that’s what Lily could do for us with her bag lady.

Our Leaders meeting wasn’t that good but it was a pretty close second.

What’s the politically correct language in California specifically around words like “Holiday”

The topic of conversation was politically correct language in California specifically around the words “Holiday” and “Christmas” and “Hanukkah” and “Kwanzaa” and whatever the Muslims might call their holidays. We were completely ignorant about what that might be.

There were 10 of us in the room. All Slow Food Russian River Leaders. Everyone had a different opinion – a strikingly interesting and different opinion. I wish that I were one of those kids who can record movies on their phone. It was a Fellini movie. Painful and funny at the same time. Another emotional duality.

I announced that I hate the word “Holiday”. As a word it is stupid and useless pablum – wimpy, nondescript, boring. It trivializes an experience that should acknowledge the long and rich cultural and religious history of people.

“No”, emphatically came a reply. It’s appropriate. It is about celebration. Christmas and Hanukkah are about celebration not religion.

We went on from there.

Brad may have been the most irreverent. He has a slightly diabolical sense of humor delivered with great and mischievous subtlety. “Just tell people to have a Merry f*!% Christmas” he said with his sweet smile. Politically incorrect but really funny to me. More for my Fellini movie.

Sandy Mays was emphatic about the words “giving” and “gratitude” – these are the real words that matter.

Let me leave you with Sandy’s message – giving and gratitude.

And, as a last two cents, maybe raise the subject in your own circle of family and friends. I bet the conversation will be interesting.

Truly, although we don’t know whether to say “Happy Holiday” or “Happy Hanukkah” or “Merry f*!% Christmas” we send all of you our best good feelings given with grateful hearts for our little Slow Food Russian River community.

Paula Downing
Slow Food Russian River Leaders Team

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