Awesome Sebastopol Apples Save the Day for this Horse

By September 9, 2016 Blog

I drove to Grass Valley to visit my sister recently.  While driving along Highway 49 I noticed a horse galloping along the side of the road, obviously escaped from its enclosure.  It was either enjoying its new-found freedom or very frightened, or both.  I also saw a vehicle marked “Nevada County Animal Control,” so I slowed and came to a halt, stopping all traffic behind me.  Oncoming traffic also stopped, and the horse ran onto the road, rearing up right in front of my car.  My Prius had never before seemed so small and fragile.

An Animal Control officer arrived from the opposite direction and tried to approach the horse, but it skittered away.  Two more officers arrived carrying ropes and a halter.  The horse ran away each time the officers tried to capture it.

Awesome Sebastopol Apples Save the Day

Awesome Sebastopol Apples Save the DayI realized I had in my car a box of apples picked in my backyard, so I called out to the officers “Hey, I’ve got a bunch of apples here” and stuck my hand out my window with three fresh Jonathans.  An officer took one and approached the horse with it.  The horse couldn’t resist and began munching the apple from the officer’s hand while another officer placed a rope over the horse’s neck.  Soon the situation was under control and one officer told another to lead the horse north on the side of the road.  I called out: “Hey, I’ve got more apples” and an officer came and took two more to guide the horse north.

I said to her “These apples come from Sebastopol,” and she replied “Awesome!”

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