The Lifestyle of Simplicity in Food and Human Nature – Summer Blackberries

By August 22, 2016 Blog
Summer Blackberries for a Lifestyle of Simplicity in Food and Human Nature

Summer Blackberries

During late summer in Sonoma County, wild blackberries are nearly inescapable. Fresh and much better than anything you can buy from the store. Chances are, you’ll find blackberries pretty close to your house no matter where in the county you live. They are perfect for a Lifestyle of Simplicity in Food and Human Nature.

Harold Harvey The Blackberry Harvest

Harold Harvey, The Blackberry Harvest

These berries are always going through life cycles, when some dry and turn brown, there are always new red ones which will grow back. However, by autumn, the bushes are most likely out of all of their ripe berries, and sadly, the red and green too. During other seasons, the blackberry vines can be a little frustrating. Besides being invasive, they are also prickly, and having them around won’t be a plus in your landscaping. 

If you decide to let a little grow, you will have just enough to use the berries during summertime. 

Ways to Eat Summer Blackberries

Here are some things you can use them for:

• Smoothies
• With yogurt
• Oatmeal
• On top of pancakes or waffles
• Jam
• Canning
• With ice cream
• As a healthy snack
• With honey
• Pie
• Freezing and using in other times of the year.
• Syrup
• An excuse to have whip cream.
• Fruit salad
• Salad.
• In a breakfast fruit bowl
• At any time of day, plain.

There are so many other options for what you can do with blackberries. Not only will they become a perfect, healthy kitchen staple but picking them can be a very fun excursion; however, beware of eating them while picking, you won’t end up with much if you put them straight in your mouth!

Lillian Black is a writer and political blogger, and helps on her family’s farm in Petaluma. She raises her own flock of chickens, and writes about them too. She loves cats and is being homeschooled.

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