The Lifestyle Of Simplicity In Food And Human Nature – Spring Chickens

By June 2, 2016 Blog
Chickens and Ducks, by Melchior d' Hondecoeter

The Lifestyle Of Simplicity In Food And Human Nature – Spring Chickens

It is mid-late spring in Sonoma County, which makes for a perfect time to welcome to your  backyard some new feathered friends. Chickens are delightful and entertaining animals. Not only do they produce eggs, but are also good company, and in the end, meat. Spring Chickens encapsulate the anticipation of all of this. 

I have had chickens for many years. My first chickens were ordered a day-old from the Murray McMurray hatchery. They were bantam chickens, which is a range of small breeds of chickens, all with different colored plumage, body shape and feather form. 

The eggs that they lay are small, but rich, and healthy. 

Unfortunately, there can sometimes be regulations on owning chickens. In some places you can’t have roosters and in others, no chickens at all. 

Buying local eggs or getting them from friends is recommended. Once you’ve had them, you will taste the difference.

A simple life is to enjoy the food that has been produced by beloved animals, carefree and happy. To live in harmony with the source of your food is ideal. 

No matter what size or breed the chickens you have, or where you get your eggs from, it is important to notice the animal life around you, and savor it as you eat. 

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