Watch Steele Lane students gain life skills while pressing apples

By November 4, 2015 August 13th, 2023 News
Watch Steele Lane Students at the Sebastopol Community Apple Press of Slow Food Russian River

Watch Steele Lane students gain life skills while pressing apples and learning about local food with Slow Food Russian River. In this episode of CropMobster TV Nicky Bobby shines a light on Slow Food’s work to bring school children and teachers out to press apples at their Sebastopol Community Apple Press.

Slow Food Russian River operates the Sebastopol Community Apple Press at the Luther Burbank Gold Ridge Experiment Farm in Sebastopol during apple season – through October. Use of the presses – there are two – is a free community service from SFRR.

Please donate to Slow Food Russian River Gravenstein Apple Project to support schools such as Steele Lane in West Santa Rosa working with our community apple presses.

Slow Food Russian River is grateful to CropMobster TV and Nicky Bobby, for recording our story of positive impact, to Luther Burbank’s Gold Ridge Experiment Farm, for hosting the Community Apple Press, to Dutton Ranch Corp. for donating the organic apples, to Sunshine Rotary to support the kid’s transportation to the farm, and to Steele Lane Elementary teachers for making this experience happen and for being such a dedicated and talented team of educators.

CropMobster is a Community Exchange. By leveraging social media and “instant alerts” we spread the word quickly about local food excess and surplus from any supplier in the food chain, get healthy food to those in need, help local businesses recover costs, prevent food waste and connect our community in new and fun ways.

At CropMobster TV Nicky Bobby (Nick Papadopoulos) adventures through the community with a 12-foot selfie pole on the hunt for positive stories of impact in food, agriculture and beyond!

CropMobster and CropMoster TV are sponsored by the Sonoma County Grange Credit Union (now North Bay Credit Union) and by WIMP,  an unnetworking group comprising designers, developers, marketers, videographers, photographers, and anyone else that has a hand in digital media. If you wish to support CrobMobster please don’t hesitate.

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