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WIMPgives charity hackathon 2014 will be beneficiry of SFRRfeedsWIMPgives

WIMP is a trade group that represents over 1,000 digital media professionals, most centered around the North Bay.

WIMPgives is special. Imagine a community of web designers, developers, content writers and online marketing professionals coming together to donate their time to benefit local nonprofits.

WIMPgives is an annual charity hackathon that gives the WIMP community the ability to use what they are good at to do good in their community.

Last year, on November 1st, 2014, Slow Food Russian River received this very Cadillac website that you are now reading from WIMPgives 2014.

This has been a consequential gift for Slow Food Russian River that created a center for our educational work on social media and our newsletter, and allowed us to have on-line sign-up for the Community Apple Press and start online fundraising.

It was a stimulus for us to form a media team that has brought in new leadership potential in our organization and an international Facebook group for Slow Food Communication Managers.

We want to give forwards, hence SFRRfeedsWIMPgives 2015.

On November 7, 2015 Slow Food Russian River will do a SFRRfeedsWIMPgives, serve dinner to the exhausted group of volunteers who just spend a whole day on teams to build a website for a local nonprofit.

We are looking for volunteers who can work with us on this event, and for donors who can give (tax-deductible) donations, monetary or in-kind, to allow us to create a great dining experience for WIMPgives 2015. Please write us at SFRR Media Team.

Thanks to Our Sponsors

Taylor Maid Farms Sonoma County Meat Company Revive Kombucha
Oliver's Market Slow Food Russian River Pacific Market
Mycopia – Gourmet Mushrooms Dominique's Sweets
WIMPgives hackathon for folks who now do SFRRfeedsWIMPgives
The 2014 WIMPgives charity hackaton where Slow Food Russian River received a new website from volunteering WIMP geeks

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