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By June 9, 2015 November 16th, 2016 News
Lillian present her advice about blogging to the Media Team

Are you passionate about food? Do you have a curiosity about cutting-edge restaurants or food entrepreneurs? Do you know what’s the future of CSAs or Farmers Markets? Are you impassionate about ending hunger or providing living wages for everyone in the food system?

Do you like to take pictures, shoot videos, write stories or write code? Or do you have ideas how to create value for potential Slow Food supporters, have a marketing mindset or are a programming wiz who can improve the user experience of our social media, newsletters and website?

Join Slow Food Russian River’s Editorial Team.

We get together once a month for a convivial working dinner. Inquire at SFRR Media Team <> when you are curious and like to try us out.


The SFRR Educational, Media and Editorial Team creates – under the general guidance of the SFRR Leadership Team – content for the SFRR website,  social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, and Flickr) and monthly and incidental issues of the SFRR Newsletter, send via MailChimp. Members of the team participate in the Facebook group for Slow Food Convivium Communication Managers. You can contact the team at


Composite photo album of Slow Food Russian River Media Team meeting

Composite photo album of Slow Food Russian River Media Team meeting (Photo credit Darla Schoenrock)

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