Five members of Slow Food Russian River to Attend Slow Meat 2015, Denver, June 4 – 6.

By June 2, 2015 September 21st, 2023 News

Slow Meat 2015 – a Symposium and a Fair on the desired future of meat in America –  is upon us and five members of Slow Food Russian River are busy packing their bags to participate in this unique initiative of Slow Food USA which will happen June 4-6, 2015 in Denver, Colorado. This makes us likeley the Slow Food USA chapter with one of the largest delegations, reflecting the importance of the new meat movement in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Roy Smith, who farms with Rebecca Black at Green Goose Farm  is representing Slow Food Russian River. Our founder and past leader, Michael Dimock, will represent his organization, Roots of Change. Past leader Jim Reichardt, farmer at Liberty Duck, will represent the Livestock Conservancy, and Rebecca Black, farmer and member of our media team, and Zeno Swijtink, current leader and also on the media team, are delegates at large. A full list of participants is available.

Slow Meat brings together ranchers, farmers, butchers, chefs, eaters and more to share ideas on how we can turn the herd toward meat that is good, clean and fair for all. Initiated in 2014, Slow Meat will become a bi-annual event and reconvene in 2017.

In October 2014 Slow Food Russian River organized an event on Slow Meat titled The Future of Meat is Here, and we are planning a BBQ in July that will embody the ideas and ideals of Slow Meat.

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 Vaclav Smil, Should We Eat Meat? Evolution and Consequences of Modern Carnivory (2013)

The Five Planks of Slow Meat

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