Why some people hate cilantro, and other highlights of our social media in April 2015

By May 2, 2015 May 6th, 2019 Blog
Part of the Olfactory Perception System.

The most trending post on our social media this past month was a message about cilantro on our Facebook page, “Why 10% of the Population Hates Cilantro and the Rest Doesn’t Know Any Better.”  The posting reached, as we write, about 6500 people with 27 likes, 9 comments and 26 shares and strengthened the association between our name of Slow Food Russian River and the idea of an organization that is curious about any aspect of the food system.

As a supporter of Slow Food Russian River who is on Facebook you can do your bit by liking our Facebook page – mid April we passed the 3000 likes mark -, commenting on our posts, and sharing our posts on your own timeline. Sharing brings our message outside the box of people that already like and follow us. Sharing is essential for a message to trend.

Also let us know what topics you like to see covered more, or if you have suggestions for posts please send them to us as a message on Facebook.

We follow the 70/25/5 rule of social media where 70% of our postings are repostings of content about aspects of the food system – taste and culture, environment, fairness and food justice issues – that already is online, sometimes produced by partner organizations, could be a newspaper or magazine article, or a blog post. 25% is material produced by Slow Food, from international, and national, to local. And 5% of the posts is a bit off topic, whimsical or otherwise interesting.

Zeno Swijtink is the leader of the SFRR communications and education team where he feeds the Facebook monster. In his free time he studies CSS.



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