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Book Group: One Size Fits None, by Stephanie Anderson

September 5 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

One Size Fits None: A Farm Girl’s Search for the Promise of Regenerative Agriculture (2019) by Stephanie Anderson

The Slow Food Russian River Book Group will discuss from One Size Fits None: A Farm Girl’s Search for the Promise of Regenerative Agriculture (2019) by Stephanie Anderson.

The Book Group usually meets the first Thursday of the month, 7 – 9 pm, at a location chosen by the rotating moderators, be it their home, a bar or restaurant, a park or meadow, or a public library or square. It’s a convivial dinner, unless we meet at a bar or restaurant. Please bring a side dish or dessert for four and a beverage.

Host Jonah Raskin writes: “For a couple of months, I was casting about for a book for the group for March. A dear friend who keeps bees recommended Gabrielle Hamilton’s “Blood, Bones & Butter,” and while I read it and liked it I didn’t know how to get a handle on it. Then in the mail I received “One Size Fits None” and loved it from page one because the author is from South Dakota and is the daughter of a farmer. I love stories about farming families. I also love Anderson’s book because she understands that in our day and age sustainable won’t do it. As she recognizes, we have to have “regenerative agriculture.” Those two words alone should get us going. I can make copies of the Introduction, which is nine pages, and send them out if I have your street address. I believe that the nine pages will spark discussion.”

To RSVP and get directions please email the SFRR Book Group <sfrrbookgroup@gmail.com> If you have not attended the Book Group before please tell a bit about yourself. Same if you wish to receive the newsletter of the Book Group.

If you include a mailing address with your RSVP you will receive a photocopy of the Introduction from Jonah to get us started with the discussion.

Editorial Reviews

“For reasons of public health and in the interest of a healthy planet, our corporate food system badly needs to be repaired. In One Size Fits None, Stephanie Anderson crisscrosses the country, visiting the intrepid farmers who practice exactly the sort of farming techniques that will serve as models for that needed reform.”—Matt Sutherland, Foreword

(Matt Sutherland Foreword)

“Though these recollections have become complicated for Anderson due to her recent research, she writes convincingly that it is possible for her family’s farm—and all farms— to find and implement the sustainable practices that will carry them into a better future. Even readers who are not directly involved in food production will come away from this book as more informed consumers, able to make better decisions about purchasing the food that sustains us, and with a much deeper understanding of how agricultural production has changed. And how it will—how it must—change again.”—Katrina Gersie-Spronk, Hopper

(Katrina Gersie-Spronk Hopper)

“It takes an agriculture reporter turned creative writer like Stephanie Anderson to do the legwork of reporting and research to explain how the world of industrial agriculture works. She does so clearly and convincingly, on every page of this book. But she’s not just throwing flames at big ag or careless consumers. She positions herself in the center of the bullseye, as she considers her own family ranch and what she’s come to understand as unsustainable management practices taking place there.”—Julianne Couch, Daily Yonder

(Julianne Couch Daily Yonder 2019-02-04)

 “A brave and clear-eyed book by a farmer’s daughter about the problems in our agriculture and the factors that keep farmers from making it better. Stephanie Anderson . . . points the way toward an agriculture that regenerates our soil, our land, and our hopes.”—Kristin Ohlson, author of The Soil Will Save Us

(Kristin Ohlson 2018-03-02)

“Stephanie Anderson deftly counterpoints profiles of innovative farmers with affectionate yet honest reflections on her family’s farm—and the compromises the industrial model demands. Anderson is a strong, new voice for an agriculture that works for public health, for nature, and for farmers.”—Judith D. Schwartz, author of Cows Save the Planet and Water in Plain Sight

(Judith D. Schwartz 2018-03-02)

One Size Fits None should be required reading for anyone who yearns for a clear-headed and informed account of our dysfunctional corporate food system, which also examines hopeful models for reform.”—Andrew Furman, author of Bitten: My Unexpected Love Affair with Florida and Goldens Are Here

(Andrew Furman 2018-03-02)



September 5
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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Slow Food Russian River Book Group


Private Home in Rohnert Park
4903 Petaluma Hill Road
Rohnert Park, CA United States
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